The History of Jim Crow

1.       Where did the term, “Jim Crow,” originate from?

The term “Jim Crow” originated from a 19th century minstrel that stereotyped African Americans.

2.       After the year 1900, what did the term, “Jim Crow,” become       identified with?

After 1900 the term “Jim Crow” became identified with racist laws and actions toward African Americans that deprived them of their rights.

3.       What Supreme Court case upheld segregation, or “separate but       equal?”

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld segregation.

4.       Who was Booker T. Washington? What was his stance on the segregation       debates?

From 1890 to 1915 Booker T. Washington was a dominant figure for the African American community. Booker secretly contributed to legal challenges about segregation.

5.       What was the name of the new literary movement, based in Harlem, New York, which featured “New Negro” poetry and literature that emphasized       self-respect and defiance under the Jim Crow laws?

The name of the new literary movement was “New Negro Movement”.

6.       How did some southern black people try to resist and escape the Jim Crow       laws?

Some ways the southern black people tried to resist and escape were: hoping, create all black towns.


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